How to pay MSEB bill online?

How to pay MSEB bill online?



Online payment of electricity bills is easy and convenient.The bills can be paid using digital payment methods in just a few clicks. These are the fastest and secure ways to pay bills online using any one of the payment options from net-banking, debit cards, or credit cards. These modes of payment reduce the risk of standing in queues and help in paying the bills instantly. The Maharashtra government also provides a convenient way of paying the electricity bills online within less time in a hassle-free fashion. To make it convenient for 21 million consumers, the Maharashtra State Electricity Board created the MAHADISCOM web self-service portal to make Maharashtra electricity bill payment online.

1.Maharashtra Electricity bill payment online

A user is facilitated to either use the MSEB web self-service portal for MSEB online bill payment with or without registering. Apart from this, web-portal users can also give priority in using third-party websites to pay the Maharashtra electricity bills online. Users can use the following two methods to make payment using the MSEB portal.

2.MSEB payment without registration

Users often tend to use quick and easier ways to pay the MSEB using online payment. So, to make it convenient for the users the website allows the users to pay the bill even without registration in quite less time. In this case, a user should have a 12 digit MSEB consumer number along with the billing unit, it is so much easy to pay MSEB electricity bill online using this method. But, the only disadvantage of this method is, a user should enter their 12 digit MSEB consumer number and billing unit for paying MSEB electricity bill every time.

3.Bill payment with registration

The users who wish to follow this process, need to register on the website, by providing all the required details. Once the registration is completed, users can log in to the MSEB web self-service portal using a user name and password. After logging in, users can pay their bills conveniently by following the simple steps.

4.Other ways of MSEB bill payment online

Users can also pick other online payment methods apart from the MSEB web portal service. The other popular payment platforms used for Maharashtra electricity bill payment are:


In MobiKwik, users can pay electricity bills after re-charging their Mobikwik account. Then,they need to select the operator from the dropdown menu and add the consumer number. The screen then shows the current electricity bill.Then, they need to click on continue to make the payment option.

2.Airtel Payments Bank

In this website, users are required to register in the official Airtel Payments Bank and then log in to make the payment. To pay the bill online, they need to select the state Maharashtra, select the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co Ltd from the various other options. Then, provide the details of consumer number and BU and click on fetch payment. This is a completely secure way to make your electricity bill payments.

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These are the popular online payment platforms used by a huge number of usersto pay MSEB bills online.

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