Construction Industry Trends

Construction Industry Trends for 2022



The construction industry in the United States is gigantic, with millions of new structures being built every year, and nearly as many being demolished or renovated. In 2022, here are some of the biggest trends in the construction industry:

Protective Equipment

The pandemic changed worksites, and required a new level of protection for workers that has now extended to other areas. Although society is functionally entering into a new era in its relationship with the pandemic, the risk to construction workers is still very real and in 2022 more worksites will be conscious of offering protection to everyone.

Rising Costs

Inflation and rising material costs will lead to rising project costs overall in 2022. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the Producer Price Index for construction goods increased 17% in 2021. Material costs are rising across the board and project budgets will need to adjust to this new reality.


In 2022, there are new ways of solving problems that weren’t available before. Smart contracts using blockchain technology can increase trust in complex real estate transactions, construction drones can provide real-time or recorded perspectives that were once impossible to see, and

Green Building

New materials with lower carbon footprints are becoming popular in mainstream residential and commercial construction. In 2022, construction will be greener than ever before, both in the materials that are used and in the methods on-site.

Building in 2022

It is a great time to begin construction on a new project, residential or commercial. A company like Bomar Construction can help you work out the details of any project, large or small so that it runs smoothly and delivers the results you need.

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