Precision Manufacturing Build

What can Precision Manufacturing Build?



The ever-growing technological world continues to make astonishing accomplishments. There are plenty of advancements and changes that are established in machinery. Such as the Computer Numeral Controlled machine, which uses accurate precision to cut into raw materials. The possibilities to create unique products from this machine are endless.

These machines fall into the precision manufacturing category, which allows for accurate and high production. Companies use precision manufacturing to produce tools to sell while others build homes and even create art. Technology gives people endless possibilities to create whatever they wish. Here are some excellent products that precision manufacturing has made possible.

Tiny Cabin

Cookie-cutter homes are a thing of the past. People have experimented with building homes to lower costs and provide excellent living quarters. A home in Bristol sits at 107-square-feet and was entirely built by an ABB robot. The robot acts as a flexible CNC machine as it creates all the necessary components for a home. The best part, it only cost 20,000 dollars. Homes are now quickly built from a singular robot and cost less than traditional homes.


Technology and art go hand in hand. Many believe that one must be creative to develop such an innovative machine. So, when artists take control of a CNC machine, they create beautiful works of art with fantastic technology. High school students in Portsmouth were given a CNC machine that cuts 4×8 plywood sheets. They created murals of their hometown Portsmouth displayed all around the city.

Pinball Machine

Again, there are endless possibilities for a CNC machine. It has every tool imaginable to create whatever the engineer or artist wishes. With the help of a 3D printer, Dr. Martin created a pinball machine from scratch. He made specific components from the CNC machine to cut plastic, wood, and aluminum. From there, he completed his very own and customizable pinball machine of his very own.

The Freedom of CNC Machines

CNC machines are a fantastic invention that few people have the privilege of owning. And, even if one owns this precision CNC machining technology, it’s mainly used by manufacturers. There are plenty of reasons to use a CNC machine for personal use or help the world.

Houses are built with precision manufacturing and continue to improve the human experience. We have only cracked the mold on this type of technology. And if people continue to make amazing and unique projects with CNC machines, then even more people will want to invest in changing the world.

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