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Top Writing Tools That Every Writer Must Have



The job of a writer is indeed a challenging one and they need all the help, so they can excel at their job. If you are a writer and stuck with stockpiling edits and technical works, you would be on the lookout for apps that can make your job easier.

However, nowadays for a particular task, there are a lot of apps present on the playstore. This is why you need to filter out one app, which suits you best. Here is a list of all the amazing apps that you can use for your daily tasks to maximise your productivity.


Grammarly is one of the most reliable apps for checking the quality of the text that you write. With its advanced AI technology, Grammarly can easily check your article or any piece of writing and give you a quality score. Either you want to edit PDF or word files, you can trust Grammarly.

Moreover, the tool also tells you about the tone, structure and engagement of your writeup. You should try its premium version for extra features such as plagiarism check and advanced editing.


One of the major concerns of every writer is that their writeup should always be free of plagiarism. Copyscape is a tool that lets you run multiple types of plagiarism checks. You can compare your writeup with your references or you can compare it with every article on the web. Copyscape also has a premium version, which allows you to perform advanced plagiarism checks.


Every author needs to track their progress and writing speed to improve themselves. Twords is an app whose algorithm tracks your daily progress. This app also sends alerts, when you become inactive for consecutive days. This software also sends you a report of your work history for you to analyse and improve.


As a writer, you will come across documents in formats, and working on a PDF file is indeed a difficult task. Therefore, you will require apps such as PDFSimpli that will help you convert PDF to Word online.

Google Docs

One of the main reasons every writer should use this app is accessibility. Google Doc is one such software that stores your data on a cloud server, which can be accessed from anywhere. Moreover, it has all the features that will make your writing flawless.

Stay Focus

Social media apps hinder the workflow of every dedicated writer. So if you want to stay focused all day, you need to have Stay Focus installed on your device. This software is available as an extension in almost every browser. It keeps you from getting distracted during your work by blocking all the time-consuming websites.

By using all the aforementioned tools, you will be able to maximize your work. This will also allow you to finish your work early and give you some time for yourself. Most of these apps are available on app stores and can also be used as an extension in your browser.

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