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Top features of Airtel postpaid plans making customers delighted



Many different postpaid plans are offered Bharti Airtel to its customers. The plans currently extend from Rs. 499 to Rs. 1599 a month, though there are new plans that would become available to customers very soon. There are various offers that Airtel is offering to its customers in addition to the facilities that are generally offered in average postpaid plans. The airtelThanks rewards offered by the service provider include Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions and other goodies. Let us take a look at the other features of Airtel postpaid plans.

  • Unlimited calls – All of the postpaid plans that are available from Airtel these days offer unlimited calling facility to customers. Be it the Rs. 499 monthly plan, the Rs. 749 monthly plan or the unlimited Rs. 1599 unlimited plan, you would get unlimited calling facility always. You can call anywhere throughout the country and talk with your near and dear ones as long as possible. With 4G connection, you can enjoy uninterrupted calling facilities no matter wherever you are. If you are using the Rs. 1599 unlimited plan, you would even get access to 200 ISD minutes and 10% off on IR packs.
  • 100 SMS per day – All of the postpaid plans available from Airtel allows you to send 100 SMS per day. It does not matter which plan you choose, you would be entitled to send 100 SMS per day for free.
  • A lot of data – Each plan has a limited data cap for each month. With the Rs. 499 plan, you would get about 75 GB of data, 125 GB of data with the Rs. 749 monthly rental plan and 150 GB of data with the Rs. 999 monthly plan. If you choose to take the Rs. 1599 monthly rental plan, you would have access to unlimited data.
  • Data rollover facilities – Airtel postpaid plans offer data rollover facilities. This means that if you have some unused data in a month, it would be carried over to the next month. This means that if you have paid for some amount of data, you can use it even if you cross the monthly validity.
  • Family add-ons – Airtel postpaid plans allow family add-ons. You can have free add-on connections if you choose anything except the Rs. 499 plan, which is meant only for you. With the Rs. 999 monthly rental plan, you can accommodate as many as 4 family add-ons.
  • airtelThanks rewards – As if all of these benefits are not enough, the postpaid plans are now offering airtelThanksrewards. Here you would get 3 months of Netflix subscription, a year of Amazon Prime, Airtel TV and ZEE5 subscriptions, along with handset protection.

These are some of the features you can find in the Airtel postpaid plans.

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