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The Big Deal About Candle Wicks – Know What It Is?



Many of us consider the fragrance, color, and shape of a candle when purchasing candles. Do you know wicks also play a crucial role in the lighting of a candle? A wick pulls the wax and delivers fuel for the flame. These days, you will find a variety of wicks in different sizes on the market.

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What are wicks?

Wicks work the same as fuel pumps. They draw the wax and pump it to the flame for burning. The amount of fuel drawn depends on the wick size. Be cautious while choosing wicks because more fuel creates soot and flare while less fuel sputter out.

How to pick a perfect wick?

Choosing the right wick helps to support its structure and gives a clean and proper burn. Many factors influence the wick. They include:

  • Wax type – different kinds of waxes require different wicks (for example, soy wax needs thick wicks)
  • Container shape and size – Small size containers need thin wicks, and large size candle containers need multiple wicks
  • Fragrance and color – These factors impact the wick size, treatment, and making of wicks

To find the performance of a wick, you can take multiple wicks and test them. It takes some time to find the right one that burns perfectly for a long time, so have some patience.

Different kinds of wicks

In high-quality wicks, knitted, braided, or plaited fibers are used for consistent and slow-burning. Knitted or braided wicks are high-quality wicks compared to twisted wicks. It is because twisted burns will have loose construction, so the fuel reaches the flame quickly, and they will burn fast. These wicks are used in birthday candles.

Cored wicks

In these wicks, core materials, including paper, cotton, tin, or zinc are used to keep up the structure of the wick while burning. These wicks are used in devotional lights, votives, pillars, and jar candles.

Specialty wicks

These are designed to match the burning characteristics of a few précised candle applications like insect-repelling candles and oil lamps.

Wooden wicks

In the last few years, wooden wicks gained immense popularity. They create visual appeal and soft sound. These wicks are available in different shapes like multi-layered, decorative shapes, curves, and single-ply. They are made by using semi-wood, wood, and fibrous materials.

Flat wicks

These are knitted or flat-plaited wicks made by using 3 fiber bundles. They create self-trimming effects with curl flame and consistent burning. They are used in the applications like pillar and taper candles.

Square wicks

The flame of these wicks is also curled, but they are robust and rounded. These wicks are the best choice for beeswax applications as they reduce wick clogging.

Many candle manufacturers provide wicks that match the burning needs of a specific candle. From those, choose the best store and order wicks today for a holiday or to celebrate any other occasion.

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