Most Businesses Prefer Boltless Shelving

Reasons Most Businesses Prefer Boltless Shelving



Storage is one of the most crucial business aspects. Proper storage ensures security for the business products and the employees. Poor storage will mean damages which might cost the company time and money.

Even though there are various shelving types, boltless shelving remains the most popular with businesses. Here are the reasons why.


For a long time, most businesses believed storage was all about unending rows of shelves. It, however, proved quite limiting as not every business model requires a similar storage style. The rows also made it hard to optimize all the spaces in the warehouse.

Boltless shelving offers unlimited solutions to optimize any storage space. The lack of panels and sway braces means it can conform depending on the available space. You can also set the space depending on the business status. The versatility means you can expand the setup to accommodate more items when your business grows.

Ease of assembly and disassembling 

The boltless shelving is one of the easiest storage spaces to set up or dismantle. The racking system comes with no clips or bolts that require special expertise to mount. You only need a rubber mallet with the processing lasting only a few minutes. The ease of assembly helps save your business money as you don’t have to hire more labour than necessary.

Resistance to damage 

Any storage facility comes with the risk of damage. Whether it is a collision from a forklift, human error on mounting the items, or exceeding the weight limit, some damage is always possible.

Unlike other shelving types, boltless shelving is not so much susceptible to these damages. The steel material on the shelving can withstand too much pressure and is not easily compromised by physical force.

Safe and easy to use 

Safety is such a concern when it comes to a storage facility. Any small accident can lead to damage and injuries to employees. Replacing the damage or even paying for medication for the injuries is quite costly to the business.

Boltless shelving is one of the best solutions to ensure a safer workspace. The resistance to damage means you don’t have to worry about any accidents within the storage space. The versatility of the shelves also allows you to model the space for the most accessible way to access items.


With the several benefits, it might seem costly to set up this shelving system. However, the opposite is true. The boltless shelving costs around 30 – 40% lesser than the other shelving options.

One of the reasons for the low costs is the ease of customization. You only purchase what you need and expand the racking system as the business grows. Services like Boltless Rack Malaysia are willing to offer you customized racking services depending on your space and budget.

A boltless racking system is one of the worthwhile storage facilities you can purchase for your business. The system comes with durability, versatility, and safety. Besides, it is quite affordable, hence a popular racking option for most businesses.

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