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Common Types of Industrial Heaters



Anyone who has ever worked in a manufacturing industry understands the precision and speed with which most processes are performed. A wide range of sophisticated machinery and equipment is used to achieve quality and speed. Therefore, streamlining a manufacturing process is solely dependent on installing the right manufacturing equipment and machinery.

It is also important to note that different command options are applied in executing several manufacturing procedures, like heating and molding, due to technology. Regardless of the products that a company is manufacturing, eliminating industrial heaters from the manufacturing process is never easy.

What are the common types of industrial heaters?

Depending on the task that is supposed to be done, industrial heaters come in different shapes and forms. It is not easy to find a heater that can multitask or perform different functions simultaneously. What this means is that each industrial heater is supposed to play a specific role. Here are various types of industrial heaters that exist:

Band heaters

These are typically circular heating devices. To perform their heating function, technicians clamp them around the inner diameters of a pipe or a cylindrical element. Given the sensitive role played by these devices, it is usually advisable to acquire them from a trusted band heater manufacturers.

Immersion heaters

For liquids with different properties, Immersion heaters are the best option for attaining the required temperatures. Once the liquid is inside a large tank or container, immersion heaters will use a direct heat mechanism to accelerate the speed required for the liquid to attain the required temperature.

Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are ideal for heating solids. They operate by having a snugly fitted inside a cavity or a mold, which helps achieve extremely high temperatures ideal for heating solids. Cartridge heaters are relevant in both laboratory and food equipment.

Duct heaters

There are three types of duct heaters: finned tubular, open coil, and tubular. Duct heaters are used for purposes of processing heating applications or airflow ventilation. The mentioned elements are either flanged or inserted directly.

Pipe heaters

Pipe heaters are best applied in cases where minimal heat is required. A good example of applications that require minimal heat includes the making of wax, molasses, and tar. Unlike other heaters that function through direct contact with the substance being heated, pipe heaters function without necessarily having any contact with the substance under heat. As a result, pipe heaters require minimal maintenance, since containers holding liquids never have to be emptied to allow the heater to be changed.

Industrial heaters play a crucial role in the entire manufacturing process. For manufacturers committed to improving the quality of their products, then investing in quality industrial heaters is the way to go. Even though these devices cost a fortune, the benefits that come with installing them far outweigh the initial cost incurred in acquiring them. In every business field, there are always unscrupulous dealers who never cease to rob individuals and organizations of their hard-earned money. It is therefore prudent to source for a dealer who is genuine and willing to work with you on an honest basis.

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