Developing Business to Serve Community

Hunter Perret: Developing Business to Serve Community



Hunter Perret is the founder and reigning member of the Perret Group. He has been continuously working on the progress of the Perret Group ever since its origin.He is mostly known for the welfare he has done for the community. He believes in immaculate social responsibility as the inspiration for the growing his business.

Mr. Perret is a native of Lafayette, a place in Louisiana. He married the judge of Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Candyce Perret who is also a strong supporter of his Perret Group. They have three children together namely Preiss, Pierce, and Paxton Perret.

Hunter Perret graduated from the University of Louisiana and straightaway jumped into the pool of entrepreneurs. Because of his perseverance, he rose to fame with his dedicated work. He directly commenced his career as an entrepreneur by investing capital in gas leases and the oil production. As he kept reaching skywards in the business, he started investing in various other industries. He began to pursue the healthcare industry by partnering with other investors. As he succeeded in the healthcare industry, he moved on to diversified industries with various interests. Currently, Hunter Perret is one of the most influential people in Lafayette. And his company, Perret Group is one of the colossally invested ventures in Lafayette.

However, Hunter Perret is famous not only because of his stature as a businessman but also for the philanthropic personality that he is. He takes a regular break from his business commitments and attends the philanthropy programs as well.

In one of such occasions when news reporters asked him about any new ideas or things that he is looking to incorporate in the venture, he replied, “My business and organization is all about providing services. We incorporate the services which help our clients and we see them how they can affect our employees, community, and the business”

Perret is also a very supportive financial backer. If he finds any capable team with innovative ideas, strategies, and dedication to do something he gives them the financial support needed.

Recently at aCivicside organized program, he confirmed the same with the reporters, “As a financial backer, I am looking forward to investing in the ideas which have precise management, dedication, and zeal to success with whatever the resources they’re provided with”.

As much as he spends on the businesses, he shares the excess of profits for the welfare of communities in and around the Lafayette.That’s the reason youth of Lafayette are most inspired by him.

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