Workplace Safety Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Workplace Safety Tips You Should Be Aware Of



Safety within the workplace is paramount and should be given due consideration in an ongoing process of checks and assessments. All businesses must adhere to government guidelines on safety and, depending on your sector, these can be dramatically different from one another. In addition to this compliance, the pursuit of safety should be a concern for the sake of your employee and customer wellbeing.

Risk assessments will be a standard part of your operation, however, the regularity with which they are considered, reviewed, and expanded upon is a good measure of how seriously safety issues are taken within an operation. To minimise and prevent risk, safety checks should be a part of ongoing, even daily, routine and each employee should be aware of business guidelines.

When starting and operating a business, there is a responsibility to research the necessary guidelines of workplace safety. As the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 stipulates, a business is obligated to ensure employees are trained and informed so as to allow them to work without risk. However, while some factors with which to inform on may be obvious, others are not.

Here are often neglected workplace safety considerations you may not be aware of

Prevent the Cold

In the UK, it is suggested that employees work in an environment no colder than 16 degrees celsius, unless more physically demanding work is required, in which case 13 degrees celsius is acceptable. While these temperatures are not legally enforced, they should be treated as guidelines within which you should consider the comfort of your working staff.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is commonly dealt with inside the workplace. Employees are usually aware of fire exits and extinguishers, as well as having a basic knowledge of how to act and exit in the event of an emergency. However, lesser-known regulations apply to other assets, such as fire doors, which are an integral part of a building’s ability to minimise damage and injury during an incident. As such, businesses should consider seeking a reputable fire door survey so as to understand and install the most appropriate fire doors for their workplace.

Noise Caution

It is estimated that 17,000 employees suffer noise-related health issues each year within the UK as caused by the workplace and, as of 2005, all UK employers are required to prevent any potential risks to health and safety due to noise exposure.

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The UK government has guidelines detailing the number of dB employees can safely be exposed to over certain periods of time.


Stress is one of the biggest influencers on our health and results in 11 million days of absence each year. It is a factor that, despite its significant impact upon health, is relatively difficult to measure and monitor.

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There are various checks that can take place and the government offers workplace posters and support lines for those in need. However, to ensure a happy and healthy staff, you should make stress reduction a priority within your workplace.

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