A Valet Parking Attendant

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Valet Parking Attendant



The valet is the person who takes care of the transportation issue for the customers of a luxury hotel or a large restaurant. This person is there to ensure that the patron’s vehicle is safely parked and secured. A valet ensures that the patron’s stay is pleasant and that they can be confident that the vehicle is safe.

Primary Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the valet are:

  • To receive customers on their arrival and collect the keys to their car
  • Take care of the parking of cars in a secure car park
  • Manage the maintenance of the car park, in some situations
  • Control and monitor parking areas to avoid any intrusion
  • Maintain the cars by taking them to the garage
  • Bring customers’ cars in front of the hotel or restaurant upon departure

 Becoming a Valet

There are qualifications required to become a valet. First, the person must have some type of experience or open to being trained. To be a valet, you must have various qualities because the reputation of the establishment in the hotel and restaurant industry is at stake. The valet must above all be very neat. He is the first person met on arrival, and therefore, his work uniform must therefore be flawless. The valet must have great interpersonal skills and always have a smile to convey a positive image of the establishment and warmly welcome customers.

Sense of Service

To handle this profession, it is imperative to have a sense of service, to be calm, accessible, and available to meet the needs of customers. Prestigious establishments in the hotel and restaurant sector welcome many foreign customers, and so, it is essential to speak fluent English, and some knowledge of other languages would make a difference. The valet must be able to speak distinctly. Of course, you have to love the world of the car and know how to drive any type of vehicle, regardless if it is manual or automatic.

The Career

The valet job does not require a specific diploma. The valet parking position can be accessible to all people who have had a driver’s license for at least 3. The idea is to contact establishments in the hotel and restaurant industry to find out what positions are available. If the salary is low, tips from customers are frequent and can significantly increase the pay. The valet parking profession is generally offered on a permanent basis.


The job of valet parking is often a dream because some luxury hotels welcome famous people, and it is possible to drive superb cars daily. Being a valet requires availability with various hours and shifts. It often requires a presence on weekends and holidays, which may be a great personal investment. You have to be constantly at the service of the customer to quickly meet their expectations (parking and maintenance of the car, etc.). Being a valet requires standing during working hours, which means that the valet must be in good physical condition. In addition, it is often necessary to be outside to meet customers who arrive by car in front of the establishment. Finally, the valet should exercise great caution when driving the customer’s vehicles. If interested, you can try to find and apply for one of the available Denver valet jobs.

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