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Some Successful Corporate Videos Mainly Use Images and Not Sounds



There are many popular videos online that are also almost completely silent. Some video content creators decide to primarily communicate with their audiences visually. Some partly silent or completely silent corporate videos may also be effective.

Accessing Videos

The individuals who are using their laptops or phones in a public location may or may not be wearing any headphones. If they are, the different volume levels on some different videos may still cause some issues. Some people will immediately try to adjust the volume levels on the videos that they’ve just accessed. However, these videos might still be very loud to them at first. If that happens, many audience members will just close the video entirely.

They usually don’t try to carefully adjust the volume to get the exact sound levels that they want, which can be relatively difficult on certain devices. Some companies might lose audience members or customers under these circumstances. Organizations can avoid these situations in different ways. If the video’s audio feature hasn’t been activated at all when it starts playing, this video certainly won’t be too loud for any listener.

However, some people might assume that there’s something slightly wrong with their own devices at first when a video is presented this way. Even once they realize that there isn’t a problem, they might still be too distracted to go through with watching the original video. It’s still possible to lose some additional customers this way.

Quiet Content

People may react differently to a video that’s supposed to be silent or quiet, especially if it’s a comparatively short video presentation. They’ll immediately start paying attention to the new video’s initial images. If the video has some faint background sounds, people won’t assume that there’s an issue with their own audio equipment as they watch it. A video like this may reach people subtly.

Watching a video that is relatively quiet can be comparatively relaxing. Louder videos can make some people feel energized. However, when people are looking at different websites and social media pages casually, they may prefer a video that isn’t as dramatic.

Marketers and designers working for a Denver video production company have worked on both calm and energetic corporate videos. These professionals know that both video types can be successful. However, many companies still make their videos unnecessarily loud. People won’t always want to listen to the narration in a corporate video. They can calmly watch a video that is quiet. The stories in videos like these are told using images, which can be enough.

It’s easy to include images of a company’s logo in a video that is mostly silent. Companies often have brief slogans, which can also be part of videos like these. Written content like this can replace the spoken narration that might otherwise be included in a corporate video. Some viewers will automatically want to use the written subtitles in a corporate video if that video does have audible narration. Videos that already have written messages and other images will offer a similar experience.

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