Record your earnings and expenses

Record your earnings and expenses



To be able to understand your monetary circumstance, you will have to start recording your revenue and expenditure either by hand (by logging it down in your notebook) or by downloading a cash tracking apps on your phone. By doing so, you will able to track what the majority of your money is spent on, whether it is spending on necessities or leisure.

Once recorded, you will have an overview of your current finances, with glaring problems like debts becoming apparent. Should you realise that you have been incurring debts at an unsustainable rate with high interest, then you should look to consolidate these debts. To do so, take out a moneylender Singapore loan that has a lower interest rate than your current debts. In this way, you would be effectively paying back less interests on your financial obligations.

Make your life easier with Banking Cards, Accounts and E-wallets

Outfitted with a better awareness of your monetary life, you will then need to discover how to effectively utilize your cash. For reoccurring bills or repayments, you can opt to establish automatic payments in your chosen bank. You might want to move a set quantity of funds to a financial account which has a debit card that you make use of to buy your necessaries.

E-wallets and pre-paid cards are also a fantastic means to divide your money to suppress the possibility of overspending. For those who use credit cards, it is very important that you are aware of your credit line and the amount of rate of interest your bank fees for repayment.

When it is needed for you to make huge acquisitions or during emergencies, a credit card is a terrific product to have. Nonetheless, you should constantly know your bank card’s policy to avoid coming under financial debt.

Insurance, Retirement and Education fund

Financial products such as insurance policy require you to pay a repeating fee generally on a annual or month-to-month basis. Many people will avoid acquiring insurance policy as they do not see nor understand the need to be covered or shielded.

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As there is no certainty in depending on good luck and good fortune alone, a solid insurance strategy will absolutely be put into good use when the need emerges. Be it life, travel or health insurance, you and your loved ones will be shielded in case of health issues, mishaps, and death.

Retirement and education funds comply with a comparable system as insurance policy, you will need to make a month-to-month contribution to be qualified to a large quantity of cash that you will only obtain a specified amount of time which could be several years depending on the policy of your item.

Feel confident, when the time comes you are bound to be able to gain the rewards.

You will have the ability to appreciate a higher quality of life

Strategic financial planning is the essential to financial freedom. As soon as you have found out how to take care of and grow your cash you will have the ability to appreciate a greater quality of life. However, do constantly bear in mind your spending practices as money management is a life-long skill.

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