Use and Reuse Your Gaylord Boxes

How to Use and Reuse Your Gaylord Boxes



Packages come in cardboard boxes. If you think about, every product that you buy is stored and delivered in boxes which always keep you mulling over the question – “What will I do with this?” While most people would just throw them in the trash, there are still others who recycle boxes and use them to store goods like used clothing or books. But you can actually earn some cash in The Gaylord Box Exchange. Here’s how you can get boxes to recycle, resell and help the environment all at the same time.

Where to Find Boxes

Gaylord boxes are more secure and durable than your traditional cardboard box. It’s also bigger so you can put more stuff inside. These boxes are also the most valuable since they are very hard to find. You might want to take a look around the neighborhood first and see if there are boxes that they want to get rid of which you can use. You can also ask family and friends if they have some at home.

Stores, especially the ones selling liquors deserve a visit from you, too. These retail stores are brilliant sources of large and thick boxes seeing as how fragile the products are. Do not hesitate to approach the manager. They’ll happily give you the boxes to get them off their load. Since every product comes in boxes, you can also check out grocery stores. A grocery story is also an excellent place to start looking for big boxes. It is more likely that you can get them for free since the waste due to boxes in these places are enormous and they would gladly be rid of it as soon as possible.

Restaurants also use quite a lot of boxes where goods are delivered and stored. Check the local restaurants in your area and let them know that you’re interested. Local factories can be one of your best choices as well since raw materials are shipped through big and sturdy boxes. If you wish to have large and durable boxes, then local factories are the best spots.

Where to Sell Them

Gaylord boxes have a selling price of at least $4 each depending on the condition. The most practical way of selling your boxes is through online marketing. Selling them through Craigslist or The Gaylord Box Exchange will help you build bonds with clients like moving families and business owners.  There are also numerous box exchange sites that offer quite a lot of cash even for damaged Gaylord boxes. You can even use this platform to look for free boxes from people who wish to free themselves from the clutter.

The gaylord boxes that you sold can be reused for more than two times depending on what is stored and how it’s used. Even damaged boxes can still be sold to recycling centers seeing as cardboard boxes are the most recycled items out there. Most would opt to throw away boxes that aren’t even dented or damaged. Do something about yours. Help your local community while earning cash, too.

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