How to safeguard your business data to enhance its operations

How to safeguard your business data to enhance its operations?



The era of the internet has been a boon for businesses of all industries. However, it also makes business data vulnerable to data breaches and hacks which are a serious threat to businesses. Retail and banking industries are the top targets of hackers and other industries are also becoming increasingly vulnerable to such hacks and breaches.

The risk of data breaches and hacks is large for small and medium-sized businesses as they lack robust security systems to safeguard business data. For this reason, hackers target these organizations and gain access to customer data. This makes it essential for organizations to safeguard their business data.

5 tools to safeguard your business data


Using cloud applications has made it possible for employees to work remotely which enhances their productivity and helps them grow shop online. However, this can also mean increased security risks for the business data as they may use mobiles to access information on unsecured networks.

Lookout is a security tool for mobiles that manages the risks inherent to the use of tablets and mobile devices. It analyzes the apps and addresses vulnerabilities of app data transfer, risky app behaviors, and potential spyware within the mobile app. The tool also evaluates security risks for connected devices based on behavioral concerns, outdated operating systems, and configuration issues.

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Hoxhunt is a tool to reduce the impacts of phishing emails received by employees. It counteracts the losses caused due to phishing emails as it provides automated training to employees on how to respond and react to such emails. It is a gamified platform that trains employees through phishing simulations and changes their mindset regarding such emails. The tool is effective in reducing the threat and encouraging prompt reporting of potential breaches.


Not all websites that your employees visit are secure, as the sites without an HTTPS extension are vulnerable to be intercepted by others. To prevent employees from accessing such websites, you can use the free browser extension known as HTTPS Everywhere that eliminates this threat by encrypting all websites you visit. The HTTPS Everywhere extension is compatible with Opera, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers.


Most companies today are relying heavily on SaaS tools as they help in reducing IT costs and decentralizes the tech. However, that can also mean that with time the company may oversee access permissions and privacy settings. Torii solves this issue by acting as a centralized management platform for third-party tools and applications. The company can control permissions and user access for all tools using Torii. The tool helps protect confidential information by allowing only authorized parties to access the required data and tools.


The files stored in the computers or cloud networks of a company also need protection from digital or physical security breaches. AxCrypt is a tool that ensures the protection of these files by enabling users to use a 1228-bit or 256-bit key to encrypt files. These encrypted files can still be shared within the network of the company and third-parties will be unable to access any information within these files. This tool can be used for Dropbox and Google Drive as well.

5 tips to ensure improved data security

Implement a data-centric security strategy

With the increased use of mobiles, Cloud, and IoT, businesses should adopt a data-centric security strategy to understand the data they have and the value of that data. Having an idea of the valuable data, businesses can protect that data through encryption. Organizations can also develop and implement a data backup strategy and regularly test their strategy and backups.

Train your employees on the risks

Perhaps, one of the most important ways to safeguard your business data and enhance its operations is by educating your employees. An increasing number of employees are working remotely using personal devices and emails to communicate. They should be educated on ways to identify and avoid fraudsters. Increase awareness of why they shouldn’t click on links within texts and emails from unfamiliar sources. Businesses can also use dual or multi-factor authorization for financial transactions making them more secure.

Protect mobile devices

Since many employees working remotely may also use their mobile devices, it is important to secure their mobile devices as well. Employees can use local data encryption, a power-on password, and configure their mobile devices to use protected or encrypted wireless connections.

Build a secure infrastructure

Use layered security technologies to keep hackers and cyber attackers at bay. A secure infrastructure requires all operating systems and applications to be updated with the latest security patches. Every computer should have a spam detection and filtering software and antivirus installed. A properly configured firewall should protect the network and the company may also want to invest in monitoring systems and intrusion detection for an extra level of protection.

Data encryption software

Consider using data encryption software to safeguard your business data. Encryption is a mathematical algorithm that encrypts readable text which then cannot be read by anyone else other than the person who has the key. Data encryption helps in preventing hackers from accessing sensitive business information such as emails, portable media, and documents stored on systems.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your business information and internal data is a top priority for every kind of business. Organizations should use the above tools and ways to safeguard their business data to enhance their operations.  It is better to automate your business so that less human interaction is required. So, you can check for the best Robotic process automation development companies.

You can also implement other measures and use additional tools as appropriate for your business to enhance cybersecurity. These measures will equip your business to overcome the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the digital world.

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