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Handy Websites For Small Business Owners



Are you a beginner in the world of business, or perhaps you have already established your small-sized business? If yes, then the difficulties and challenges that you might have faced are a valuable life lesson.

Some of the technical aspects of businesses can be challenging enough to not find a solution. Sometimes, the human mind gets frustrated and finds it difficult to keep going. During such times, one must keep some useful websites such as PDF editor handy so that all your problems get instant solutions.


WordPress is a web hosting platform where anyone can set up an online blog or website for free. You can also set up a personalized website by adding plugins and WordPress templates that are available at different rates at different sites.

A WordPress blog is essential for your business as all businesses have taken their products and services to the digital world. An online website or blog lets you showcase your products or services to the public that can be viewed at their convenience. Thus, it helps in attracting a mass audience and growth in sales and productivity.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the most used application by students, professionals, businesspersons, etc. The exciting space is specially curated to serve all purposes such as writing mistake-free documents, making organized datasheets, emailing, marking days on the calendar, etc.

Google Workspace can be used to store data and documents in a cloud system that can be accessed anyplace by login into the google account. Moreover, these documents can be used for further sharing with folks for different professional purposes.

Ted Talks

While working 24/7 on a business can get you tired and frustrated. At times you might feel like quitting, and the fear of failure surrounds your mind. These are some tough times in the journey of creating a great business. But, one must know that quitting shouldn’t be an option.

TedTalks is a website that features the success stories of thousands of people who have achieved their goals in life. When one feels low and wants to quit, this website can motivate you to become what you want to be — a winner.

Online Converter

Technical aspects of any business demand sharing of data and documents. These documents are either in word doc or PDF form. To enable the preferable form of document sharing, one must know about online converter software such as PDF to Word converter, PNG to JPG converter, etc.

There are several tools for compressing large-size multimedia files that are useful for every business.


YouTube is a very essential and useful site that must be accessed by everyone. The site has witnessed large curation of content in the field of multiple genres leading to making it one of the most useful and educational sites.

A YouTube account can help you get instant solutions to a large number of questions through video mode. It is an excellent tool if one needs to take their business online.

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