Defense Lawyers In Drug Cases

David Serna Attorney Mentions The Importance Of Defense Lawyers In Drug Cases



Drug-related crimes tend to be common in multiple parts of the world, including the United States. These crimes include the possession, redistribution, and manufacturing of distinguished types of drugs that are classified for having a potential for abuse. David Serna Attorney provides a few examples of such drugs, which include cocaine, morphine, amphetamines, and heroin. David Serna is a defense lawyer majorly based on Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has worked on a number of drug cases over the years.

Drug crimes have over the years become extremely common in the US, and a number of people are charged with it almost on a daily bases. The people charged with drug crimes would subsequently have to seek out the assistance of a capable defense lawyer who can efficiently get them acquitted of the charges. David Serna Attorney is one of such New Mexico based lawyers, and has especially worked on a number of cases in Albuquerque. He additionally has the experience of defending drug cases in more than ten states. The fact that he has appeared at a DatelineNBC special for one of his prominent cases, underline his high competency level.

David Serna mentions that criminal defense attorneys like him quite often make use of a number of defenses like medical marijuana, unwitting possession, illegal search and seizure, as well as police abuse of power for the purpose of aiding their clients to win drug related cases. David Serna Attorney mentions that the instances of pressure tactics, planting evidence, and unauthorized surveillance are the key points that usually come in the defense of police abuse of power. Experienced criminal attorneys do whatever they can to absolutely make sure that the constitutional rights of their clients are not abused in any fashion, while also taking steps to build a strong defense strategy for them. Here are a few ways that criminal defense attorneys assist their clients in drug cases:

  • These lawyers work alongside both the defendant and the prosecutor in order to negotiate a plea bargain, so as to reduce the potential sentence of the accused. In certain cases, the prosecutors even agree to drop a few of their charges in the plea bargains. The defense lawyers try to convince the prosecutors to drop as many charges as possible.
  • In case the defendant is found to be guilty at the end of the case, it becomes the duty of the defense attorneys to aid them to acquire the adequate sentencing program. A proper sentencing program can go a long way in making sure that the accused is not found guilty of the crime in the future. Spending a part of their sentence in a drug treatment facility would be a good sentencing program for people involved in drug cases.

Criminal defense attorneys even assist the defendants in their clients in the pre-trial process and work towards developing strategies that can get them acquitted as fast as possible.

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