Cloud Based Telephone System: How Businesses Can Take Advantage

Cloud Based Telephone System: How Businesses Can Take Advantage



More and more businesses are moving into cloud adoption and it is greatly benefiting them in all kinds of ways. Not only does it allow them to save costs on in-house hardware and office space, it also makes their staff more engaged and improves the experiences of their customers. Let’s take a closer look at how businesses can take advantage of moving into a cloud based telephone system.

More Cost Savings

The use of traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems comes with a lot of costs  because they consume valuable office space, get easily outdated and need regular maintenance. Compared to traditional landlines, a cloud based phone service is more economical because it can operate on an already existing internet connection. There is no need to have another line installed.

Using a cloud based phone service means a more predictable and simpler user cost per month because you no longer have to pay upfront costs on sizable hardware. As you grow your business, this type of system allows you to cut costs by making you spend only on the services that are truly required.

A cloud based telephone system is an ideal setup for businesses with a partly or fully remote workforce. It eliminates the need to install costly phone systems for employees working at home as they can connect through the cloud.

Enhanced Productivity

Aside from being easy to set up, a cloud based telephone system can be easily installed and integrated with existing business systems. The use of a cloud based CRM software will allow you to take care of both outbound and inbound calls, making sure that you can be reached by customers wherever you go. Not only will this instantly improve your performance, but your productivity as well.

An office phone can be paired with any mobile device, meaning you will not miss any call anymore. Create the perfect call experience by syncing an office number with the device of an employee. Using a unified voicemail, messages can now be picked up from any device anywhere you go at any time of the day.

Better Customer Service

An e-commerce customer service can now make hassle-free direct calls to different departments using the Auto Attendant and Virtual Receptionist. These features can also be used to make unique greetings to each department. For instance, you can use the administrative portal to set a holiday greeting ahead of time and be reverted to a regular one thereafter.

More Dependable Than Traditional Telephone Systems

Telephone systems are facing greater pressure to perform as more businesses shift to a remote operational model. Installing a cloud based telephone system can make a business available always on any mobile device anywhere all throughout the day. In case the connectivity fails, just arrange the calls to be transferred straight to a mobile device. This means nothing can stop you from getting an important call. Worst incidents like bad weather or flood would not affect you anymore.

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