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Apple Inc: Which All Companies Do Apple Own?



The past few months have reported the news with regard to Apple about, Apple making a higher number of acquisitions. Now, here is the main highlight of this news.

Apple, this time has made higher acquisitions than usual. This is not only the case, but Apple besides acquisitions has also included the “Dark Sky” application, the most popular weather app known till date.

We have shown some light on what the main acquisitions are made by Apple. Though, Apple has not made clear details for sharing with the media about the revenue or even the profit of individual acquisitions and their contributions.

Here are some of the companies that are owned by Apple:

  • Shazam
  • AuthenTec
  • NeXT Software
  • Beats Electronics and Music
  • Siri Inc.

Shazam The popular music detection app by just hearing the sound now has been owned by Apple Inc. This means that now Apple stock will include the “then” stocks of Shazam because now it has been taken under Apple. The estimated acquisition price of Shazam has been around $400 million USD.


A widely known semiconductor and computer, mobile security touch controls solutions company. It is based in Florida USA and Melbourne Australia. It has been under the ownership of Apple for almost a decade. The acquisition price for AuthenTec was estimated to be around: $356 million USD.

NeXT Software

NeXT Software is another known hardware and software developer. It was founded by none other than the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs; when he was made to leave his own company, Apple. During, the phase of being kicked out of his own company, Steve Jobs created his new startup “NeXT Software”. After coming back in the Apple Inc., Steve Jobs proceeded to by NeXT Software. Its acquisition was estimated to be around $400 million USD.

Beats Electronics and Music

It is one of the largest acquisitions made to date by Apple Inc. Its acquisition price is estimated to be around: $3 billion USD. To build streaming for Apple Music better, Apple had taken elements from the Beats Music to do so. Apple has been telling that Beats music and electronics have an important part of being part of the Apple products for a long time since they have bought the company of Beats music and electronics.

Siri Inc.

Its acquisition price was estimated to be around more than $200 million USD. SRI International Artificial Intelligence was the original builder and maker of the Apples famous Siri, the talking AI for assisting the Apple users. You can check more from .

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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