International Wire Transfer

A Complete Guide To Safely Make An International Wire Transfer



Wiring money is the quickest way to send money whether you are making a domestic or an internal transaction. However, one of the disadvantages is that it can be hard and almost to undo and there are lots of scams involved.  If you are making an international wire transfer, it usually takes about one to two business days to receive it. If you have to wire money, you need to make sure to follow the safety tips so that you do not end up getting scammed. So, here’s a guide on how to make an international Wire Transfer safely.

What Is An International Transfer?

 When you are doing business with international clients or vendors you will have to send or receive money on a global scale. And international wire transfer is the fastest way to make this transition. This service is offered in almost every bank, which allows you to send any amount of money from your bank account to your recipient’s account, but you need to be careful when doing so as there are risks involved in it.

What Do You Need To Make An International Wire Transfer?

When you have to make an international wire transfer, there are certain documents that you will need to provide. You should have the full name of the recipient and address, the amount of wire transfer, name and address of the recipient’s bank account, the recipient’s bank account number and the account type, recipient’s routing number, and the reason for making the transfer. So, if you are making an international wire transfer for the first time, make sure to have this information ready.

Is It Safe To Make International Wire Transfer?

International wire transfer is relatively safe if you have the correct recipient details and if you are using an established bank, but they are not free of scams. If a scammer gets access to the receiver’s account they could receive the fund and immediately withdraw them or send them to a different account. There is always risk involved when you are wiring money, but if you are careful you can avoid these risks.

How To Wire Money Safely?

Make A List Of Your Information and Re-check It: Make a list of the information you will need to send money. You will need a bank account number, the recipient’s bank name and address, the recipient’s name, the recipient’s bank account number, and all the other information required. Once you have all the information ready, make sure to do a double-check.

Filling Out The Online Form: When you are filling out the form, make sure that you use the right account number, and ensure that you fill out all the information correctly. This step is essential as it will make sure that the money transfer will go to the account that you intended to send. If you end up sending the money to the wrong account number, it may be difficult to get it back, especially if it is a case of fraud.

Keep The Receipt Once the Transaction Is Completed: Once you have sent the amount, do not throw away the receipt, make sure to keep it with you. The receipt has the wiring transaction id number, so you will need it. If you are sending the money in person, you can also inquire to the teller on when the recipient will likely receive their money.

To make an international wire transfer safely, you need to make sure that you do not make any typos on the recipient’s name and the account number. You should also make sure to check with the vendor or the recipient if they change their account details to make sure that you do not end up becoming a victim of fraud.

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