7 Pro Tips to Getting the Most Out of Digital Couponing

7 Pro Tips to Getting the Most Out of Digital Couponing

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In 2019, about 92% of customers reported using coupons while shopping.

Whether you’re going to be shopping online or in stores, you can always use coupons! And the best way to find them is online.

But how do you get into digital couponing? What are the best tips to know? Keep reading to find out!

1. Check the Store’s Website or App

First, you should make sure you visit the store’s website or app. Sometimes they offer exclusive deals that you can only find online. Some of them will be coupons straight from the store itself, like Dollar General digital coupons.

However, you could also find coupons from the manufacturer as well, like on the Target app.

These are relatively easy to find. All you have to do is download their app and then set up a profile. You can look through the coupons easily, and then just add them to your account whenever you want to use them!

With the recent COVID pandemic, many more stores have been offering curbside pickup as well. To encourage people to use this service, there are often a lot of coupons that you can find for these services!

2. Look for Manufacturer’s Coupons

We mentioned earlier that you can find manufacturer’s coupons on apps, but you can find them on the manufacturer’s website as well! Several stores accept these as well as their own store’s coupons.

You might be able to find these in your local newspaper. However, if there are none there, you can check their website.

Even if there are no coupons readily available on their website, you can always use their contact page to see if they will send you some or let you know where to find some!

When asking for coupons, you’ll need to be crafty and come up with a crafty question. Compliment their product and tell them how much you love them. Make sure that you’re honest about it and mention their products in your request.

You can ask for coupons outright if you want. However, some people just receive them by giving feedback and expressing their love!

3. Know Your Rights

When couponing, make sure that you know your rights. You’ll have to know all of the loopholes in the policies in order for your method to work.

When it comes to digital couponing, you’ll need to know how those rules apply as well. If you have a coupon you found online that the manager won’t let you use, make sure that you know the store’s policy.

You can normally find these online, but you may also have to ask for them. We recommend printing out a hard copy to always have handy that you can reference if you ever get into a dispute.

4. Check Clearance Sections

While most printed coupons will only apply to regular-priced items, you might be able to find some online coupons for clearance items.

The clearance rack is where all of the great savings will be, and you’ll be able to capitalize on it even more if you can add another coupon discount on top of it.

5. Stack Coupons

Some more tips for couponing include learning how to stack them. This method is used to refer to using more than one coupon on one item to get a bigger discount.

However, there are many rules about this, so you’ll need to make sure you know all of the policies and read all of the fine print.

It may take a while to get used to it, but if you’re going to stack them, the general rule of thumb is to stack a manufacturer coupon with a digital store coupon. Some stores don’t allow this, but you’ll be surprised how many do.

In some cases, you may also be able to stack a paper store coupon with a digital one. Most stores don’t care about what form the coupon is in; they just want to make sure it’s allowed with their policies.

6. Redeem Unlimited Coupons

If you can, try and redeem as many coupons as you can. This isn’t really the same as stacking because you’re not using multiple coupons on one item but rather all of them.

Most apps won’t limit you to how many coupons you can use per transaction. They’re more concerned with how many coupons you can use on one item.

For example, Kroger or Dollar General will let you use as many digital coupons as you want. Target is pickier about it.

If you’re going to be purchasing the item, you should generally be able to apply one coupon. Many stores let you use coupons in the hopes that this will draw you into the store and buy more things without needing a coupon.

7. Buy Bulk

Lastly, make sure that you try and buy bulk whenever you can.

This is the secret couponing tip for many extreme couponers. They buy stuff even though they don’t need it right then because they got such a good price on it.

They might spend more money right now, but they’ll save more in the long run as well.

Learn More About Digital Couponing!

These are only a few tips for digital couponing, but there are many more couponing tips out there to learn!

We know that the world of couponing can seem overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help you out!

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