Stem Casters

Stem Casters – A Comprehensive Review



Stem casters are polymer-based casters that are heavier-duty than plate casters. They are distinguished by a hood that serves as a fender and grip rings. Let’s take a closer look at this type of caster.

Stem Casters are Made of Polymer

Stem casters are designed to move heavy objects without putting too much pressure on the floor. They also have an optional toe-operated brake mechanism. They measure 12.7 cm (5 inches) in diameter and weigh a maximum of 135 kg.

Stem casters are made from elastomer, a flexible material that will return to its original shape after stretching. They are also shock-resistant and easy to roll.


Plate and stem casters are wheels that can be used for various applications. While plate casters use a flat plate with holes to attach to the object, stem casters use a small metal rod. Stem casters are used for wire shelves, shopping carts, and office chairs. Depending on your needs, you can choose between rigid and swivel models. Some also have locking features.

Stem casters are heavier duty than plate-style casters. It is because stem casters are designed to reduce the time it takes to move heavy equipment. However, the casters’ threaded stem design also means that the casters can become clogged with debris. To avoid this, you can install a thread guard on the stem. This guard will prevent debris from getting stuck in the wheel bearings.

Characterized by a Hood that Acts as a Fender

Some casters are equipped with a hood that serves as a fender. This hood is designed to prevent dirt from entering the wheel but does not affect its function. Instead, it protects the rubber housing by exerting tension.

Contains a Grip Ring

Stem casters with a grip ring are ideal for equipment or furniture that cannot be easily picked up. Their high load-bearing ability keeps the caster in place when picked up, and the grip ring prevents the caster from falling out. They also work well with furniture that has long wooden legs. Some types also feature thread guards to protect the wheels from dirt. Stem casters are available with an optional grip ring and are perfect for many applications. The ring is typically made of PVC or wood but can be made from various materials. Stem casters are also available with a locking mechanism. If you’re not interested in a locking system, you can purchase a basic caster with a non-locking mechanism that has a locking mechanism built in.


These casters can be used for many different purposes. Some are for light industrial use, while others are for heavy industrial needs. You can find a variety of casters in various styles and types at a wide variety of prices. Depending on the material you’re working with, you’ll want to choose the type that fits the material you’re using.

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