a strong password or WPA2 security

How To Improve Your Internet Speed



Slow internet can be frustrating, especially when you need it to serve a client, attend an online session or stream a TV show. Luckily for you, if you talk to your internet service provider, they will tell you how you can improve your internet speeds. Some of those ways are discussed below.

Update Your Internet Security

If there are extra users connected to your internet, then you will experience slow speeds. Failing to add a password to your Wi-Fi network means that other people can openly access it and enjoy your internet. Nearly all ISP providers will advise their clients to prevent access to their internet using a strong password or WPA2 security that keeps your home WIFI network safe.

Adjust Router Settings

Depending on the type of router you are using, you can find it has settings that can improve its strength and speed. For instance, some routers come with an entertainment setting that will prioritize streaming content or gaming. However, how WIFI works is that if several users share the same internet, this strategy is not effective as other users will experience low speeds. Try switching off that setting to enjoy better speeds.

Get a High-End Router 

Another reason your internet speeds are low is that your router is aging. Fortunately, internet service Easton-based is not a challenge, and you can get a provider ready to supply a new router. There are many advantages to buying a new router, including better security features and compatibility with multiple devices.

Get a New Wi-Fi Channel

Switching your Wi-Fi channel from a standard 2.4 GHz to a 5 GHz channel can help improve the speeds. You will get more bandwidth with minimum interruption.

In a world where many things rely on the internet, the slow internet can cause a significant inconvenience. If the above methods do not work, have a chat with your provider and see how you can get assistance.

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