Meet Déjàmor!
We strive to reconnect couples through romantic and intimate experiences.
In early 2012, we the founders bonded over the need to constantly keep our respective romantic relationships fresh. Staying creative with our partners was a challenging endeavor. Yet we knew it was necessary to keep that spark alive and strong. We spoke with couples therapists, researched many books, and conducted focus groups with groups of men and women. The conclusion was obvious: young & old, straight & gay, men & women want help enhancing their romantic and intimate life. We focus our energy on this singular mission. With the help of experts, we curate romantic experiences to enhance the engagement in your relationship.
Our boxes include a storyboard of your date night experience -- complete with sexy scenes -- to rekindle your love life. Curious? Check out our sample box. Our number one goal is to leave you and your partner eager with anticipation for each other — and for next month’s box of Déjåmor. Our clients are sophisticated, respectable men and women who are looking for a monthly trigger to explore their romantic and intimate life. Whether you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have the time to plan a romantic evening, or you’re simply looking for a way to rekindle a connection, Déjåmor is perfect for you. -XOXO, Déjàmor
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Patrick Jones
CEO & West Coast Distributor of Love
Patrick is a devoted partner and loving father. Professionally, he is the CEO of Déjàmor, where he works to make couples’ love lives more fulfilling. He focuses on customer and product development, fundraising, and partnership recruiting. Patrick has been an entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, and IT Project Manager.
In 2012, Patrick founded, an e-commerce business that sells educational date night experiences that help couples re-engage and learn how to reconnect with each other after all these years together. Date Night Done for You is run in partnership with couples therapists as a complement their counseling sessions. Patrick is a certified Professional Project Manager and holds a Management of Technology MBA from Simon Fraser University.
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Rachel Sussman, LCSW
CRE & Co-Founder
Rachel is the co-founder and Chief Relationship Expert of Déjàmor. She is a NYC based psychotherapist, nationally recognized relationship specialist, and author of The Breakup Bible. Rachel specializes in working with couples who wish to enhance all aspects of their relationship, which often includes sex-life improvement. She brings a fresh, expert perspective on the meaning and attainment of a healthy, sexy, and functional relationship. Rachel holds a Masters degree in Social Work, Family Therapy from New York University, and she has been practicing psychotherapy for 15 years.
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Annette Gates
Relationship Expert & Sexologist
Annette Gates has dedicated her life to growth and transformation through relationship. She has over 17 years of training and experience in psycho-somatic coaching and sexology. As a certified sexologist from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality she facilitates deepening, healing & awakening in relationships. She offers her clients a safe space as they transform old patterns to new desired manifestations. Annette is also an expert in re-programming limiting images and beliefs about sexuality. Her well-developed modality teaches others how the simple practice of breath; integrates body, mind and spirit for full utilization of sexual life force energy.