Take your relationship out of the box

What's in the box?

Your Déjàmor package arrives each month with two experiences: one for "His Eyes Only" and another for "Her Eyes Only." The fun begins as soon as you open the package and wonder what surprise your partner will plan for you, and vice versa.

Click through the experiences below to get a taste of what you may receive.

His Eyes Only

The Déjàmor box arrived at my door. Opening it, I found two smaller boxes inside — one for “His Eyes Only” and one for “Her Eyes Only.”
I privately opened my box and found rose petals in a smooth bag, “arousing” bubble bath, a vial with a blank note, and an illustrated booklet. I didn’t know what was in Her box, but the mystery was killing me.
The illustrated booklet asked me to prepare a sensual spa retreat for my wife. I knew she would love that. The next Saturday, I woke up earlier than her and took the rose petals. I tossed them around the bed with a trail leading to the bathroom.
I began drawing a warm bath for her, pouring the Arousing Bubble Bath into the tub. The key to big bubbles was pouring the bubble bath into the tub while the water was running.
The booklet said to write a note to my wife: “Relax and let the stress melt away.” I tucked that note into the empty vial and set it floating on top of the bath water.
I left the room and started making a light breakfast. She walked out of the room shortly after with her eyes and mouth wide open. She was floored and asked me, “what’s all this for?” I told her, “no reason, just because. Now go enjoy your bath and I’ll bring breakfast.” I impressed her with my effort and thoughtfulness. And let’s just say, she was eager to reward me…
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Her Eyes Only

I opened my box and pulled out a beautiful, handmade booklet wrapped in black ribbon. The booklet contained a recipe to thrill my man!
Digging deeper into the box, I found a sash of lace. There were also blank cards and suggested notes I could write in case I had writer’s block.
The instructions were fun and easy to follow. First, I took an empty card and wrote, “get ready for some naughty fun this Saturday”. On a Tuesday, I tucked that card in a his briefcase, so he could find it later. I can just imagine the look on his face! On Friday, I pinned another card to the sexy lace and left it next to his razor. The note said, “Bring me tonight!”.
Here’s the best part. He walked into the room with the lace, and I unbuttoned all of my clothes. Then I told him, “I’m tying your hands behind your back. Now make love to me without any help.”
You can imagine how much fun we had as he used his mouth to undress me. I teased him a little, and he loved it.
Overall, this experience was both fun and sexy. It was great to slow down the pace and build desire. I can’t wait for next month's experience!
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